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Reporting (8)

There are three ways that you can do this:
Use Automation to create logic to perform the following functions:
Collect data from the field devices or from a Historian database.
Convert the data to a CSV file using Automation
Use Automation to convert CSV to an Excel file ( Automation Excel data merge)
Use Email Function block to send the file as an attachment to the destination
Set up an Automation Business Workflow to execute steps a, b and c in the above steps.
From the HMI screen create an Express view for the accounting staff.
Set up a vb script in a button animation to trigger the above Automation Business workflow.
Configured the business workflow to send the content of the CSV file to the string
In the HMI screen vb script, parse the incoming string and write it to HMI real-time table to show this information in a tabular form
From the Automation engine, collect the data and write the values to a set of system points.
Create an HMI screen and map all these points to different tags or use a real-time table to show the value of these tags in a table.
Create an Express view for the Accounting staff.

Category: Reporting

Yes. Use Automation to collect the daily field data from various field devices and write these values to a CSV file.
Use the Automation File function blocks to save, FTP, or email the CSV file to the desired destination.

Category: Reporting

Yes. Field Data Capture is nothing but a set of calculated monthly data.
Use Automation to collect data from the field, from its Historian or from an external SQL database stored periodic or daily data.
Use Automation to convert the collected data to monthly data.
Store the monthly data in a set of CSV files.
Use Automation to create an Excel, HTML or a PDF file to display reports.
The automation logic can be set up to periodically or by a trigger to collect, process and report the desired data.

Category: Reporting

This feature is not available in the Trial version!
Form the Sinolta ReportTemplate Builder create a PDF report layout.
Use Automation to:
Collect data and stored each required data source t to a separate CSV file.
Apply necessary data cleansing or processing by using various function blocks.
Create a PDF file by merging the PDF template and CSV data sets.
Send the result to the desired destination via email or FTP or File copy function blocks.

Category: Reporting

Use automation function blocks to create a CSV file.
There are a number of function blocks that allow the user to save real-time data or historical data to CSV files.

Category: Reporting

A report has a different meaning for different people. A report could be a screen displaying required data,Setting up Historical Trend
Generating tabular data by querying the historical database
Setting up a customized PDF looking report with various calculated data.
Sinolta is able to provide all of the above.
The real-time viewer can provide historical raw data reports from any of the Sinolta historical databases
Charts can generate tabular historical data using the Data Log Viewer Wizard from its File menu options
Charts can create multiple real-time and historical Charts and Trends that can be stored as images.
Using the Sinolta Automation Builder, users can collect data, process and then convert to CSV or Excel files
Using Sinolta Report layout Template builder and Automation, users can create PDF type reports

Category: Reporting

Use Automation Send Email function block and send the report file as an attachment.
This functionality is also available using the Report viewer application.

Category: Reporting

Sinolta can send files in multiple ways.
Use Automation function blocks to “Send Email,” “FTP Send” or “Copy” file.

Category: Reporting

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