Sinolta for Power Utilities and Renewables

The Sinolta Real-Time Platform provides the reliability, security and flexibility that Power Utility industries require.


Sinolta provides the nessary tools required to address corporate security requirements such as Active Directory, 2-factor authentication, intrusion detection, full audit trail reporting

SOE Logging

Historian stores a wide range of information such as SOEs, periodic data, alarms, security and configuration changes. The Historical Viewer filters and sorts through data timestamps and quality flags

Smart Templates

Combine shapes, animation, database information and automation into Smart Shapes that can be reused as standardized templates for breakers, switches, tap changers or any other utility hardware

We listen to our customers and have learned that Utilities, Municipalities, Co-ops, industrial facilities are looking for a simple yet scalable solution that they can use to monitor and control their applications in a secure and reliable manner.

The ability to create standardized templates that can be published throughout the entire system helps utilities  maintain a consistent and maintain the system for years.

Sinolta maintains a balance between flexibility and simplicity. It provides a comprehensive and intuitive set of tools that Utility SCADA personnel can quickly learn to use.


Perfect for a variety of utility applications

Sinolta’s scalable architecture makes it a perfect tool for the following applications:

• Substation HMI
• Distribution SCADA Master (Host)
• Distribution Control Center
• Distribution Automation
• DER Data Center
• Wind Turbines
• Balance of the Plant HMI
• Wind Control Center
• Wind Farm SCADA
• Hydro Plants
• Solar Farms
• Distribution Network Historian


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Sinolta Unified System Design

Sinolta’s high performance, real-time event processing engine minimizes resource usage and scales from small edge devices to the largest control systems.

Real Time Data Hub

Sinolta’s Real-time Viewer provides an animated graphical and tabular representation of system data. It securely allows local and remote users to access SLDs &  P&IDs as well as build their own personalized views.
A set of Pre-built screens provide highly advanced tools for monitoring Historical data or setup personalized notifications during runtime.

Data Visualization

Sinolta’s function Block-based logic engine design supports periodic, scheduled, event-triggered or externally triggered execution providing ultimate flexibility for your logic programs. Supports C#, VB.NET, Python* and Java* scripting.

Event Driven Logic Engine

Sinolta's build-in historian logs 20,000 records per second continuously. There is no need for any external databases such as SQL, ORACLE, ACCESS. It supports Integrated Time Sequence of Events, Historical, Snapshot and Audit-Trail Logging.

Advanced Historian
System automatically generates a set of customizable alarms for System performance issues, Task management and device communication failures. Users can also setup templates to automatically generate alarms and notification when a control fails. Users can build multiple customized views, filter alarms on area, group, priority, severity and functions. Users can build real-time customized logic to group or build logical alarms based on several conditions. It can assign unique e-mail, text or voice message for each alarm based on user profiles or areas of responsibility.
Alarm Management

Sinolta Charts works directly with the Historian Engine to provide 2D or 3D charts, multiple trend windows as dockable windows with advanced navigation and zooming.

Advanced Charting

A robust set of easy to use API's and widgets give you access to all of Sinolta's databases. This feature is used extensively to connect to IoT devices and various cloud servers with published APIs.

Web Data Access API

Sinolta supports secure authentication, secure data transfer, secure configuration, secure historian database, secure HTTPS web interface, area of responsibility and audit-trails. All the tools you need to build secure solutions.

Security & Auditing

1. Sinolta supports both single point Bulk change configuration tools to support easy change to large number of points. Templates and dynamic screens also dramatically reduce the configuration efforts.

Configuration Management

Each Sinolta component has been designed and developed as part of a holistic system, not glued together using 3rd party components.

There is no need to source Databases, Historians, Report Generators or Visualization tools; they’re all built-in. The result is a high-efficiency solution that scales from small on-site devices to huge infrastructure systems with ease. 

By Integrating all core monitoring and control applications into one coherent system, you can build solutions that are more powerful, easier to design and easier to implement.


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Sinolta’s flexible architecture allows users to build configurable smart Templates. Integration of monitoring, data processing, control, automation logic and visualization into each smart template provides unlimited flexibility to build a complete and coherent system.

Our utility customers have told us that the biggest strength of Sinolta is its flexibility. Each utility can use our comprehensive library of device templates and customize it to their standards and quickly propagate it among all servers that they use within their system.


Sinolta is scalable in both the number of points and the pricing model. Not only you can build systems with hundreds of thousands of points, but Sinolta’s pricing model also allows users to use the same platform for both small and large systems.

Both small and large systems are equipped with a highly scalable Historian to store the entire system’s alarms, sequence of events and all value changes.

At one end of the scale, Sinolta can be used as a light Substation HMI with local Historian, Alarm Management, Data Processing and Data Reporting. At the other end of the scale, Sinolta can be set up as a Control Center to monitor and Control hundreds of Substations along with thousands of devices. 

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Using built-in smart templates provided in sample projects, you can build a Local Substation HMI in a few hours. By applying changes to the Template Masters, all instances of your objects will be automatically updated in seconds.

Sinolta provides a comprehensive set of smart device templates that can be used for a wide range of equipment such as breakers, switches, transformers. etc. These templates are designed to provide all necessary features such as confirmation popups, Quality Flag monitoring and control, required security and, more importantly, ability to be further customized for your operation. 


Sinolta provides all necessary security features required by modern systems. This makes Sinolta one of the most secured SCADA platforms in the world.

While part of the Control System Security resides with the network and OS security policies, there are several areas around the SCADA Host system that can play an important role in providing a secured system. 

In Sinolta, a User can be a member of multiple security User Groups. Each User Group can be configured to have specific security access level and roles. Users can gain access to different areas of the system based on their User Group security configuration

The Security System also controls which properties of which points have Visibility, Read-Only or Read-Write access.

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IT Friendly

Sinolta provides some of the most advanced and modern features that help SCADA and IT teams to build and maintain an enterprise-wide system by providing the following features:

• Active Directory

• Built-in Big data Historian

• Runs on servers or VMs

• Can be set up with Enterprise Licensing option


Smart Grid

Sinolta is an ideal platform for Smart Grid applications. Its ability to communicate with any device allows Sinolta to provide real-time and historical data of the entire system. Monitoring, analysis, reporting, and control applications can access and process real-time and historical data at an astonishing speed.

Third party managed or open source libraries can be added to the system to have access to DER devices with minimum efforts.

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