Sinolta Realtime Automation Platform

Sinolta is more than a SCADA software system; it’s an engine to transform raw field data into meaningful corporate information and deliver it to a variety of users

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Moving data from SCADA platforms into information consumable by the whole organization requires a data translation and transformation process.

Data needs to be arranged, manipulated, and summarized into formats that meet the needs of other business systems and staff outside the operations technology realm.

Typically this is achieved with small bits of code embedded in HMIs, Report Generators, Stored SQL procedures and extremely expensive Enterprise Data Historians. With data manipulation at so many different levels in the flow, systems become difficult to design, manage, and update.

Sinolta’s Unified System architecture allows you to design and manage your data transformation solutions in one place and typically with visual drag and drop ease. There is no need for database administrators, stored procedures and code snippets littered throughout the data flow.

Of course, Sinolta does all this based on an industry proven,scalable, and robust real-time SCADA platform.

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Scale fast – without fear

Seamlessly connect to field devices. Get real results faster with proven, pre-built templates. Rest easy knowing you’re building your business on a platform with enterprise-grade reliability, security and control.

OT/IT convergence

We understand the complex needs of today’s enterprise organizations. That’s why we built a flexible SCADA platform that business professionals can easily use it’s secured and extensible tools that meet or exceed the requirements of IT leaders.

Power your enterprise

Sinolta provides deep integration with your favorite enterprise tools and apps. And a growing library of free templates so you can focus on the work that matters most, using the best tool for the job.

We are here to help!

Sinolta is all we do! Service is our lifeblood. We live and breathe it every day. When you call our support line, you will get to talk with an experienced system integrator who knows our products inside and out. We have your back and always will.

Industry Ready

Setup one platform for the plant operators, production engineers and system analysts to monitor, operate and optimize your process. Securely access your HMIs from anywhere in the world.

Ideal for:

Factory floor HMIs
Plant SCADA systems
Water treatment plants
Sewage lift and pumping stations
Pipeline systems
Gas gathering systems
Central control of multiple remote
Remote gateways


As operating companies grow, their monitoring, control and optimization systems expand with them. Growth can happen organically or through the acquisition of new facilities.
Sinolta is a feature-rich, flexible platform that provides an enterprise-level solution filling the gap between existing field assets and secure private data centers.

Ideal for:

Medium and large operations companies
Power Utilities
Windfarm and renewable operations

At its core, Sinolta is a real-time, event-driven data hub designed to handle Power Utility and Renewable Energy data management and security requirements. Support for SOE reporting, Tip/Close, Pulse, Latch, Tap control, and 1ms data resolution. 

Ideal for:

Smart Grid systems
Micro Grids
Substation HMI/SCADA Master
Automated Load Management System
Distribution/Generation Master
Power Utility and Wind Control Center
Enterprise Historian

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