Certified System Integrator

Thanks for your interest in the SINOLTA Certified Systems Integrator program

If you are interested in becoming a Sinolta Certified Systems Integrator, please complete and submit this application.

Sinolta Certified Systems Integrator Program

The Sinolta platform is a Next Generation SCADA software that has quickly become an industry favourite with System Integrators and end-users based on its ease of use and extensive feature list.

To assist System Integration companies with becoming proficient with Sinolta, we have developed the Certified System Integrator Program (CSIP).. 

We will work closely with all System Integrators and provide technical support for Sinolta continuously. If you are interested in becoming a certified system integrator, please complete and submit this application.

Program Benefits

  • Access to the Sinolta Data Center Solution program
    • Use Sinolta software to provide your own SaaS offering
    • Monthly per point used billing option
    • White labeling option
  • Discount on all Sinolta branded software purchases
  • Priority technical support
  • Region-specific leads
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Sinolta CSIP branded logo for your marketing material

Program Requirements

  • One staff member who has completed the Advanced Sinolta Certified System Integrator training program.
  • Must provide 1st level technical support to end-users

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