Sinolta as an Enterprise Platform

The Sinolta Real-Time Platform provides the reliability, security and flexibility needed for high availability Enterprise platforms.


Sinolta's device, logic block, and HMI component templating enables simplified device template reuse enabling deployment at scale, simplifying operations.

MQTT Client & Broker

Support for both MQTT client and Broker means Sinolta is ready to connect to any modern IoT platforms from all the major providers. Connect to modern IoT Devices with ease.

Data Transformation

Automation function blocks have the power to transform point level system data into structured content in formats required by enterprise and cloud systems.

Sinolta is the perfect platform for building highly efficient, flexible and easy to design SaaS or PaaS enterprise solutions. All system components work together seamlessly without the need for teams of full stack developers or getting tied to major cloud service providers.

Sinolta can run on your private servers or be deployed on co-located servers from any of the data center providers, ensuring your system is up and generating ROI quickly.

Perfect for a variety of Enterprise applications

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Sinolta Unified System Design

Sinolta’s high performance, real-time event processing engine minimizes resource usage and scales from small edge devices to the largest control systems.

Real Time Data Hub

Sinolta’s thin client provides Animated graphical and tabular representation of a system data. It securely allows local and remote users to access SLD P &IDs as well as build their own personalized views.

Data Visualization

Sinolta’s function Block-based logic engine Design supports periodic, scheduled, event triggered or externally triggered execution providing ultimate flexibility for your logic programs. Supports C#, VB.NET, Python* and Java* scripting.

Event Driven Logic Engine

Sinolta's build-in historian logs over 1 Billion records per day. There is no need for any external databases such as SQL, ORACLE, ACCESS. It supports Integrated Time Sequence, Historical, Snapshot and Audit-Trail Logging.

Advanced Historian

With Sinolta’s alarm manager, users can build multiple customized views, filter alarms on Area, Group, Priority, severity and functions. It can assign unique e-mail, text or voice message for each alarm Based on user profiles

Alarm Management

Sinolta Charts works directly with the Historian Engine to provide 2D or 3D charts, multiple trend windows as dockable windows with advanced navigation and zooming.

Advanced Charting

Using Open API scripting function blocks can incorporate any third-party API to interface with.
This feature is used extensively to connect to IoT devices and various cloud servers with published APIs.

Web Data Access API

Sinolta supports secure  authentication, secure Data Transfer, Secure configuration, secure historian database, secure HTTPS web interface, area of resposability and audit-trails.

Security & Auditing

Sinolta has a single point configuration, supports buld configuration changes, configuration Import / Export, cloning, reusable object templates and remote configuration.

Configuration Management

Each Sinolta component has been designed and developed as part of a holistic system, not glued together using 3rd party components.

There is no need to source Databases, Historians, Report Generators or Visualization tools; they’re all built-in. The result is a high-efficiency solution that scales from small on-site devices to huge infrastructure systems with ease. 

By Integrating all core monitoring and control applications into one coherent system, you can build solutions that are more powerful, easier to design and easier to implement in a fraction of the time.

Integrated Solution

Combining a high performance, state of the art SCADA system with an integrated Historian and a set of rich business tools reduces point mapping and simlifies system configuration.

The Sinolta Platform allows System Integrators to build powerful and user-friendly systems and work closely with IT and Operation teams to bring field data to Operators, Plants, Field Offices, and to Head Offices in Real-time.

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Meeting one of the highest levels of Cybersecurity requirements in the world, Sinolta is designed to be IT-friendly. Corporate IT teams are finding the  Platform extremely secure, easy to administer and easy to integrate into their systems.

Moving data from the operational environment into the IT space is becoming commonplace in modern systems, Sinolta has the tools to work with your IT team to get the job done. 

Sinolta can establish a connection to various external systems to retrieve or push data. Data from these external sources can be processed in the automation engine or written into the Sinolta historian.

  • Modbus
  • OPC
  • DNP
  • SQL Server and Query 
  • SMTP / Pop support
  • MQTT Client  and Broker
  • Amazon Web Services connector*
  • Microsoft Azure Connector*
  • Google Cloud Connector*


The Sinolta-Link interface is a fully integrated communication protocol designed to transmit large volumes of real-time data over low bandwidth communication links.

Using the Sinolta-Link interface, we can synchronize real-time data between large remote facilities and a central system quite easily using any IP network, such as satellite, cellular network, private LAN/WAN or the public internet. 

Sinolta-Link can reduce the volume of transferred data by as much as 200 times compared to other typical protocols. This capability has made the Sinolta platform a powerful solution to monitor and control remote facilities in real-time over a satellite or other constrained networks.

Sinolta-Link also provides a highly secured and encrypted interface. This feature also makes Sinolta an excellent choice for monitoring and control of remote facilities over public networks.

Sinolta-Link is now certified by Inmarsat as an ideal SCADA solution globally over satellite.

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Data Transformation

Moving data from SCADA and Process Control platforms into information consumable by the whole organization requires a data translation and transformation process.

Sinolta’s Automation Engine has access to the Data Historian through database query function blocks. Automation Function Blocks have the power to transform point level system data into structured content in formats required by enterprise and cloud systems.


IT / OT Convergence

Sinolta allows highly secured OT servers with mirrored read only secured corporate servers and integrated historian. Using Web API, IT can use HTML5  to access both real time and historical data from the corporate servers

Sinolta provides some of the most advanced and modern features that help SCADA and IT teams to build and maintain an enterprise-wide system by providing the following features:

• Active Directory

• NERC CIP security

• Built-in Big data Historian

• Runs servers or VMs

• Can be set up with Enterprise Licensing option


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