Why Sinolta?

Business Reasons

The total cost of ownership of a SINOLTA system can be  50% to 80% less than alternative systems.

Here is how:

The SINOLTA pricing structure is designed to provide maximum features at the best possible price. Pricing is point/tag based ensuring you don’t pay for points/tags you don’t need. Packages are designed so you can provide feature-rich solutions without having to purchase expensive “Addons.”

There is no fee for the number of simultaneous users, set up as many secure accounts as you need.

Using advanced tools such as Classes, Templates, Object-libraries, Smart-objects, Data simulation and supplied sample projects, the system configuration efforts are reduced

Because SINOLTA is an integrated solution, system integrators don’t need to create complex linkages between components such as historian, alarms, scaling, security, timers, etc.

A series of video tutorials are developed for both self-training and reference.

SINOLTA eliminates the need for licensing, setup and training third party software applications such as SQL, ORACLE, PI, CITRIX, Alarm Management, Trending, and Report Generator.

We know budgeting can be challenging, that’s why we have flexible licensing solutions.

  • Trial licensing to be used for regular small to medium size development and testing
  • Server seat licensing (on-premise) based on the point count
  • Cloud Pool licensing
  • Subscription (monthly based on the point count)
  • Enterprise licensing
  • Data Center licensing

If you are a systems integrator or distributor, give us a call to learn more about our reseller programs.:


Certified System Integrator

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