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Communication and Protocols (9)

You can use .Net VB or C# function blocks to construct request messages and then open an IP socket to send the request messages. Keep the IP port open to receive the response. As the responses come through, decode the incoming messages and map the results to the system points.

If the device vendor has a set of C, C++ or C# library for connection to their device, use Automation C# or VB .Net scripting function block to reference these libraries and call up the necessary functions to connect to the device.

Sinolta can send emails to your cellphone number. When emails come to a cell phone number, they are received as a text with the address 999-9999.
Alternatively, Sinolta can send an email that your cellphone receives and can reply back.
In order for Sinolta to receive emails, you will need to set up an Email Server. You also need to set up the email server connection parameters in the Sinolta project object.

Sinolta Web Interface provides a set of web interfaces that can be built into Webpages. The interfaces allow requests, both real-time and historical data.
Please refer to the Sinolta EWI Users’ Guide for more details.

Allen Bradley Ethernet/IP is scheduled for a formal release in Q2 of 2020. Until this protocol is available, please use Sinolta OPC Client to connect to an AB OPC server such as RSLinx or any third-party OPC server applications available from a number of OPC vendors.

Siemens ProfiNet protocol is scheduled for a formal release in Q4 of 2020. Until this protocol is available, please use Sinolta OPC Client to connect to a Siemens OPC server available by a number of OPC vendors

Modbus RTU is a serial protocol and requires communication over a serial port. Modbus RTU over TCP provides Modbus serial packets that are encapsulated within a TCP/IP message.
Modbus RTU over TCP allows you to use an Ethernet port to communicate with the serial Modbus devices by adding a terminal server box at each remote device.
Modbus RTU over TCP has a different packet structure than Modbus TCP. They should be considered two entirely different protocols as they are not interchangeable.
Sinolta supports all three.

Sinolta has a set of native protocols that can be used to connect to a wide range of devices. If your controller does not support protocols that Sinolta Native protocols support, then the easiest option is to use an OPC server that supports your controller protocol. Sinolta can connect to your controller via an OPC interface.
If the controller has a proprietary interface that is published and provides proper documentation describing the protocol, we can quickly develop this protocol for you.
If the controller protocol is relatively simple, you can construct request messages within Automation .Net C# or VB function blocks to communication with the controller by opening an IP socket and exchange messages with the controller.

Sinolta Link (formerly known as EVENTA M2M) provides a highly secured bi-directional communication link between two Sinolta servers over the Internet.
Sinolta link is a subscription-based many to many IP interface.
This protocol is designed to transfer a large volume of data securely over a narrow bandwidth such as radio, cell or satellite. Its data compression is capable of compressing data up to 600 times compared to other protocols.
Please refer to the Sinolta Link Tutorials for more details.

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