Sinolta has a built-in UPS service to interact with a smart UPS and coordinate a graceful shutdown and restart of the system during power failures. If you run your computer with an intelligent UPC that has a digital communication, you can set up your system as follows to handle both short term and long term power failures:
Set up the computer to go to sleep mode after the battery level reaches a low threshold to give your computer enough time to close all applications and go to sleep mode gracefully. This setting is a function of the size of your computer and the UPS battery capacity.
From the Database Builder, go to the Tools menu and Set up, Sinolta UPS service, to gracefully shutdown Sinolta processes well before the computer goes to sleep mode.
Set up the Recovery threshold high enough that the system comes back when the power is stable. For example, set up the recovery level to something like 60% battery capacity. Sinolta UPS service automatically starts the system once the battery level reaches to the recovery level.
Using Sinolta UPS service, your system will ride through short term power outages and will go through a graceful automated shutdown and restart for long term power outages.