You can do this in four different ways:
You can select multiple objects from the tree view and drag them to the main window. From the Column chooser, you can expose any number of columns and then edit the content of the main grid by copying and pasting large selections.
You can use the advanced search to select a set of points that meet your search criteria. A temporary window shows the result of the search. You can copy and paste these objects into the main grid and edit the grid in bulk.
From the Right-click menu on each branch, export the branch into a CSV file. Make the necessary changes and then from “File” menu options, import the CSV file back. All changes are highlighted in orange and ready for validation.
From “File” pulldown menu options, select “Export” to export the entire database into an excel or a CSV file and make bulk changes. You can then use the “Import” option from the “File” pulldown menu to import your changes.
Please note that for the above items a and b, you can increase the number of rows in the main grid from the pulldown menu options.