There are two options for this:
Opton#1: user IP address, followed by the port number. This is the IP address that Sinlolta Watchdog service is configured to listen to. Your Project has a secondary port that all viewers will use to connect to the project. So you need to ensure two ports are open between your client and server. By default, ports 49300 and 1234 are open on your computer firewall.
Option#2: use HTTP/HTTPS. Sinolta runs on Windows, and all windows computers are equipped with built-in IIS web services. On the server-side, you just need to configure the IIS server to connect to the locally installed Sinolta web services. On the client-side, you will need to enter the HTTP address of your IIS server.
The Sinolta web services are configured to use port 49300 to connect to the local Sinolta Watchdog service. The port number and IP address for the server is stored in a CSV file under C:\Program Data\Sinolta folder.