Create a template out of your database class. Templates contain the entire Class configuration inside a single template file. You can then copy the template files to all your projects. As soon as they are copied to their corresponding folders, database builder for each project will recognize them as a template.
You can then create instances of the template to create new classes for all your projects.
I have created 20 Classes by creating instances from one of my templates. Now I need to add a new point to all 20 instances. How do I do this?
Add the new point to your template and refresh the template. The new point will automatically be added to all template instances.
I want to update all of my template instances. When refreshing all instances, the system overwrote some of the properties that need to be unique to each class. How can I prevent the system from overwriting those properties?
There are certain properties that Template refresh will overwrite. When clicking on refresh, you are presented with a list of properties that are not mandatory, but you can select them to be forced to get new values from the Template.
If this does not work for you, you may want to create a new Template with different values and link new instances to this new template.
The last option is don’t use Template. Have classes not instances of classes but use Search and replace to change all similar properties.